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Feb 21, 2023

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Expermented a lot to find a way to quickly make two balloons twisted tightly
together.  I think that Tom mentioned in hiw newsletter that the awy to do it
was to twist them in on each other ad you twist them together.  What I found
that works really well for me (this is for other newbies), I start with the
two one inches lock-twisted bubbles in my right hand (I'm right handed), and
then open my left hand, palm facing the two balloons.  I put the twist (the
center where the two balloons  are being twisted together in the pal of my
hand which is facing to the right.  One balloon is over the space between my
thumb and forefinger and the other extends down the base of my palm towards
the floor.   I push in slightly so the balloons are almost at 90 degree angle
from the twist being created in my right hand.  I then start rotating my
right hand to make the twist.  To get a tight twist you have to push the
crook of the twist a little into your tight palm and also use the friction of
your palm of fingers (right hand) to twist each balloon itself as the two are
being twisted together.  WHEW!  This expository writing is darn hard.

Well that from somebody who don't know nothin.!!!  I'm sure the veterans have
other (and probably better ways) to do this, and would love to hear about
them.  This works for me.  Also, for newbies, once you do a straight twist
that is locked at  both ends, the balloon makes  a lovely twist in the air if
you throw it like a spear.