Butterfly Writeup Batten

Feb 21, 2023

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From: nobody@kodak.com (James Batten)
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To: balloon
Subject: the butterfly

Ok, here's the butterfly I promised. The body is pretty easy but the wings may
be hard to describe.. just bear with me.

Needed are three 260's, or two 260's and a broken balloon(if you save them
like I do.)

   Start by making a catapiller (what else would a butterfly start with.)

   Inflate a balloon about half way and tie it off. Make a small (less than
one inch) bubble then push it back inside the rest of the balloon. Push it
in a little ways so you will have enough 'new' end to twist off another bubble,
which also gets pushed into the balloon.

	 ----------------------------  --
	(                            )( 1)
	 ----------------------------  --

	(                     ( 1) 2 ) first bubble pushed inside..
				twist here to make a second bubble

	(            ( 1)( 2) 3  )
			twist to make a third bubble... etc.

  When you have about six bubbles INSIDE the balloon, twist one more, but leave
it on the outside (this little head is MY contribution to the critter)

  Lastly, while holding the head (it'll look like an apple twist) take a pair
of siccors and cut off the tail end of the balloonan apple tiwst) cut off the
tail of the balloon with a pair of sissors. You want the entire outside of the
balloon to deflate around all the small balls you've put inside. You might
have to "milk" some of the air out. At this point I would draw a little face
on the head and hand it to the child while you make the wings so they can
play with their catapillar before it becomes a butterfly, and also to keep
them busy.

   Now the wings. Fill the balloon to within an inch of its life... er I mean
end.. give it a good healthy burp so it's not too tight, then tie its two ends
together forming a big loop. Fold it in half with the knot in the center and
give it a twist. You now have two loops joined at the knot. Here's where the
description MIGHT get fuzzy, but this is what MAKES it wings.......

   Hold the two loops side by side and position the knot so you have about
one third of the double loops ready to be twisted off, then twist at the knot.
If done right, you will have two large loops with two small loops below them.

      *			          *
    *				    *
    *		      	            *
      *			          *
	*****************X*******      X marks the knot
      *                           *
    *                               * 
    *                               *
      *                           *       

If you twist every thing where the knot is indicated I think you'll see how
the four loops are formed.

   Now, get the catapillar back from the kid and tie the wings to its back.

   I wasn't really to sure if I liked this guy after I made him. The pictures
seemed to look SO much better, but the reactions I've gotten tell me that its
worth while doing. I hope you enjoy it...

ciao - jim batten

P.S. The machine I used to mail from has finally bit the big one and it looks
like my new machine may not be registered yet, so my mail MIGHT look like its
comming from nobody@kodak.kodak.com but trust me... it is still