From: "Morus, Steven A" 
To: Balloon list 
Subject: Olympic torch
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 96 13:56:00 CDT

Hi everyone,
The Olympic torch relay passed through the Twin Cities last weekend and 
provided the opportunity for a new, non-animal, non-hat, balloon pattern.

 A good looking torch can be made from a pair of 260's, one orange or yellow 
for the flame, and another in any darker color (grey would be perfect) for 
the handle.  The flame requires  four long bubbles, at least 8" each, 
arranged like a bird body, with a shorter fifth bubble trapped in the 
center.  The handle is like a flower stem pattern, with three small loop 
twists forming the cauldren, then a pair of twelve inch bubbles for the 
handle.  I think it looks best if the handle bubbles wind around each other. 
 Twisting the bottom one inch of the long handle bubbles locks them in place 
and adds a nice finishing touch.

With Olympic fever breaking out everywhere, this could be a very popular 
sculpture through out the summer.  Instead of just watching, now everyone 
can have a flame of their own.

Steve Morus
"Prof. RubberBubble"