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>Wow,...  I got to see what Marvin looks like... and T. Meyers.

Wait till you see them in the swimsuit issue !!!
I wonder who'll be in the centerfold ?    :-)

>Will I subscribe?  Lets see... $24 for 4 issues, each issue has 24 pages,
>gosh -- that's $.25 a page!
>                    -Mark "cut me a deal on the price" Joerger

Hmmm, it is steep... and $24 will buy a lotta balloon books....
Lemme call Ed McMahon and see if it's available at a discount
through Publisher's Clearing House.  Then if I win the million bucks,
I'll buy everyone on the mailing list a subscription (and Olga too) !


Anyway, the engineer and realist in me would like to add a modification to
Marvin's lobster in BMTM:  Currently the tail is just 2 balloons runing
lengthwise, but in reality the tail should have a number of "plates" on it
running laterally, plus some detail underneath.  A new tapering tail with
four plates can be made like this:

Don't make the two ear (pinch) twists at the rear of the torso.  Instead,
cut and tie one of the balloons off (save it because you will need it) and
with the other do this:  (numbers are approx size in inches)

     _____  ____  __  ______  _____  __  _____  _____  __  ______  ____
... (__2__)(1.25)(.5)(_1.75_)(_1.0_)(.5)(_1.5_)(_.75_)(.5)(_1.25_)(_.7_)...

Ear twist EVERYTHING but the .5 inch bubbles.
Arrange them as follows:

         ,____.   ,____.   ,___.   ,__.
------. /      \ /      \ /     \ /    \
torso  :   2    :  1.75  :  1.5  : 1.25 :
       :   ET   :   ET   :   ET  :  ET  :
------<:       ,^.      ,^.     ,^.    ,'
torso  :>-----<.5 >----<.5 >---<.5 >--<    this will completely
       : 1.25  >v< 1.0  >v< .75 >v< .7 >   use up the balloon
------' `_____'   `____'   `___'   `__'

(actually, on the one I made, I put in a tiny bit too much air, so I had to
let some out, and the resulting knot helped me to make the bottom .7" ear
With the left over balloon, twist it into 2 equal length bubbles and tie
the free ends together.
Fold each bubble in half to form the two big ear-twist tail fins, and twist
them in to the joint between the last .5" bubble and the last pair of ear
The tail will have a very slight downward curvature to it, which can be
adjusted by playing with the halves of the torso and the individual tail

This lobster variation really DOES look good enough to eat!


 _/ \_