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Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 14:57:21 -0600
From: beaverson sheena k 
Subject: Re: more money...

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Jon Norris wrote:

> One question;
> My butterfly has antennae. Blow a 4 inch bubble in a 260 - tie off. Twist 
> bubble in half and squeeze one of them to the other end. This takes 
> approximately an hour and a half, and I NEVER exaggerate, EVER. What am I 
> doing wrong? It's not as simple as the poodle tail.


At IBAC Roayal showed us a great butterfly (anybody catching on yet that 
Royal and Patty are just awesome?) Haven't made one in awhile, so I'll 
try to wing it. (ha ha, butterfly...wing...get it?)

Inflate two balloons partially.  Leave enough uninflated to leave room 
for a poodle-tail ball on the end of an antennae.  (sort of a personal 
preference, depending on the length of antennae you like...I leave mine 
a little long so they'll bop around.)  So now you have two balloons, each 
with a bubble at the end of a long tail (at the nipple). 

Now, twist a small 1-inch bubble at the nozzle-end of one of the balloons.  
Twist a slightly larger bubble (2-3 inch) at the nozzle-end of the second 
balloons.  Now twist the two balloons together.  The smaller 1-inch 
bubble is the head, the longer bubble is the body.  Now, form a long 
loop with the remainder of each balloon, and wrap base of the antennae 
around the head-body joining twist.  Manuver the antennae around to where 
you like em.  Now make each long loop a heart-shape, and you've got an 
easy-quick, great looking two-balloon butterfly.  (Esp. after you draw on 
big warm eyes and a kooky smile)

While Royal and Patty's multi-ballon creations are spectacular, this 
little butterfly was just about my favorite thing that I learned at IBAC.

BUT:  (is this already in the FAQ?) to address your question 
directly...inflate a 260 with your 4-inch bubble, as you state above.
(I'd use a smaller amount of air, but again, that's just my preference)

Twist that bubble of air in 1/2...thus isolating 1/2 of the air in a 
bubble at the nozzle-end.  Wrap your fingers around the uninflated long 
portion of the balloon... and SQUEEZE the other 1/2 of the air.  The only 
place you've left it to go is through the thin tube of balloon confined 
by your fingers to the other end (of which you've left a small portion 
poking out of your fist).  This leaves you with an quick and easy 
double-poodle tail suitable for antennae.  Remember, do ALL your poodle 
tails this way, never suck the balloon...(I KNOW that's gotta be in the FAQ)

I've seen another twister make a one-balloon version of the above 
butterfly, and then add this separate antennae.  It's cute.

Hope this helps


sheena k.