Dolphin Writeup

Feb 21, 2023

From  Fri Dec  1 00:26:31 1995
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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 21:24:10 -0800 (PST)
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From: (Dan or Lorna)
Subject: Dolphin, killer whale and a shark

OK, here's a dolphin that I was shown a while ago....I'll put modifications
you can make at the end to convert it to a kiler whae of a shark.  I'm going
to do this all from memory, so if I get the inflation a little wrong, of
something alse is unclear, ask.


2 lt blue 260's [#'s (i) and (ii)} ]
1 white 260 [ # (iii) ]

Inflate all balloons a little over halfway.  

Tie the knots of (ii) and (iii) together.

Make about a 2" bubble in (i) [this is the nose] and twist the nose of the
dolphin around where the knots from (ii) and (iii) are joined.

Now, hold the remainder of all three balloons together.  Twist all three
balloons, 2 1\2 to 3" from the nose [part of the body].  

Using (i):  Make a 2 1\2" bubble followed by a 1" bubble.  Lock-twist them.
[this is the dorsal fin.]  

Using (ii):  Make a 1 1\2" bubble followed by a pinch-n-pop series, followed
by another 1 1\2" bubble. [These are the front flippers.]  Lock-twist the
flippers together.

Next, twist all three of the balloons again making another 2 1\2 to 3"
section. [The rest of the body.]

It is sometimes prudent to give the two bosy sections a few extra twists on
either side of the dorsal and flippers.

Take, (iii) and make a LARGE ear-twist.  

Choose whichever balloon [ (i) or (ii) ] looks like the best chice to do
this last section. 

Make a 2" bubble followed by an eartwist, then a 1" bubble, another
eartwist, then another 2" bubble.  Lock-twist them all right next to the
large ear twist.

Now, you have three sections of balloon left over.  Pop-off and tie off all
three sections.  I usually wrap them back and forth around the large ear
twist, and then tie them into a square knot, before tucking them into the

Arrange the dolphin's parte so that it's more or less dolphin shaped.  Blues
on top, white on the bottom.  Front flippers to each side of the white
Remember, a dolphin's flukes move UP and DOWN, NOT SIDE TO SIDE.
I usually draw on dots for eyes, and a couple of simple lines on the noses
for the mouth.

***KILLER WHALE alterations****

Use black balloons instead of lt blue.

Make the nose of the whale a 1" bubble.

Do the rest the same. (I don't add eyes.)

Yes, a killer whale is actually a kind of dolphin...make his tail go up and

****SHARK Alterations****

Use Sapphire balloons instead of lt blue, and use a lt blue instead of a white.

Instead of the nose make two 3" elephant ear twists for his jaws.

Make his tail go SIDE to SIDE, not up and down.

I add eyes, gills and draw teeth and sometimes a tiny fish in his jaws.

OK, I hope Ya'all enjoy these.   Anyone else got another version?????

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