Dolls Writeup

Feb 21, 2023

From  Sun Nov  5 01:37:42 1995
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Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 22:30:44 -0800
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From: (Dan Curtis)
Subject: Pocahontas in her entirety

>OK, I'm lost. 

Ok, I figured that I'd lose someone with that one.  Here goes..... 

Inflate a balloon about 19".
make a 1 1/2 inch bubble (her head), a 3" bubble (an arm), a pinch-n-pop
series (her hands), another 3" bubble (other arm) and then lock twist the 
arms just below her headmake a 2" bubble, and then 2 bear ears twists 
(arranged correctly, they should look like hips), make a 4" bubble (a leg),
2 more bear ears (her feet) and another 4" bubble (her other leg).
Lock-twist the legs just below the hips.  Pop-off the excess balloon.  I
usually wrap it around the twist where the hips are and the hide it under
(or over) one of the hips.

Now for the hair...

inflate a balloon about 6 inches (this'll be too much but it's 
a good length to work with).  Tie the knotted end of your newly 
inflated balloon to the knot that tops her head.  Make a 3/4 inch 
bubble and then lock twist it.  Make two more 3/4 inch bubbles, 
and then hold them against her head while you give it a full 
turn, this should anchor them to her head.  Now is where the 
hair changes, but just a little.  Make a bout a 2 inch bubble, 
followed by 2 bear ear twists, and another 2 inch bubble.  Lock 
twist them all to her head.  Thry should (sort of) hang down in 
the back, like straight hair. (Don't call them "braids", because 
Pocahontas wears her hair down!!!!)  Make two more 3/4 inch 
bubbles and anchor them to the first bubble you made for her hair. 
Now make another 3/4 inch bubble, and then a 3-4 inch bubble and 
then pop off the balloon......
Let the air out of the big bubble you just made.  Pull the  
balloon piece down the back of her head. and wrap it around her 
neck several times. The last bubble isn't necessary, but it covers 
the back of her head better, AND you can use it to hide the 
remainder of the balloon now that you've got a balloon end to hide.
Hide that end of the balloon behind the new bubble, or if you prefer,
tie-off the balloon and then hide it.

Drawing on Pocahontas:
I just draw her face, necklace and then fringe along her legs to insinuate
her indian dress.  (Make sure you get a look at a Pocahontas poster or
something so you know the way the fringe is patterned and the necklace is,
cause kids notice if it's wrong....don't worry, they're both simple.

Any questions???

For Ariel's hair:  You just make a series of five bubbles and 
lock-twist them so they hang down in back, instead of making 
the straight hair section of Pocahontas' hair.
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