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Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 20:38:36 EDT
Subject: More Marvelous Miniatures -  Book review

More Marvelous Miniatures
Multi-Balloon Sculptures using 160s for Intermediate+ Twisters
22 pages   $15.00  

Linda 'Heartthrob' Berman has produced another book.  This one is also of 160 
characters, and I recommend it highly.  For those who have not worked much 
with 160Q balloons they provide some flexibility and allow some techniques 
that are more difficult with the larger balloons (260 and 350).  

The book contains an introductory section on materials and terminology.  The 
sculptures presented include: Magic wand, butterfly, Mandy Mallard (duck), 
Gotta run Bird (roadrunner type), small rainbow, large rainbow, cupid, 
citizen Bugg, Royal Bugg, Clarence Crab, Crazy Croc, and Tommy Tarantula.  
These designs are very good and inspire an experienced balloon twister to 
develop further variations.

The instructions are detailed and allow the intermediate to advanced balloon 
twister to create the designs. I did not construct the crocodile or cupid 
yet, but they appear to be very good sculptures that would be popular. The 
roadrunner type bird is also very good.  I particularly liked the Citizen 
Bugg which is a blue bug similar to characters in A Bug's Life. The antennae 
for the bugs are colored craft pipe cleaners.  You can also put pipe cleaners 
(or presumable floral wire) inside of a barely inflated balloon to make 
antennae that would exactly match the color of the body.  The book mentions 
to bend the end of the wire so that the sharp ends will not puncture the 

The book recommends Sanford Expo2 Dry erase markers in fine and ultra fine to 
add details to the figures such as eyelashes and drawn eyes.  The designs 
also use wiggle eyes by taping them to the figures with narrow, double-stick 
craft tape.  The presence of wiggle eyes on a display model will make a 
balloon design more popular. 

Overall this is a good book worth the money.  It is letter sized with plastic 
comb binding.  There are color illustrations.  A couple of the illustrations 
do not exactly match the instructions, however the differences are noted in 
the detailed instruction.  I have not worked much with 160Q balloons.  This 
book reveals the versatility of 160 balloons to make charming sculptures that 
will delight your customers.  
T. Myers and other suppliers should carry it.  If you order from Linda Berman 
include $2.00 for shipping and California residents should add 8.25% tax.

Larry Hirsch
So. San Francisco CA