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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 18:09:22 -0600
From: (John M. Holmes)
Subject: #15 balloon video.

Hey everybody,

I have just gotten my latest tape back from the editor and have sent it off
to the duplicators. I will have it back in time for purchase at "T & Jam
99". The new tape is called "Some Experience Necessary Vol.#5 - Some Of My
Favorite Quick And E.Z. Line Worker's Sculptures.", taking from 2 to 6

LOT'S using 6" hearts.

Table of Contents

0:00:00 -   Introduction
0:01:47 - 1)Monkey in the tree.(3)
0:06:40 -   Uh oh! patches?
0:08:19 - 2)Heart-copter.(3)
0:12:07 -   Departure time!(1)
0:14:12 - 3)Add-on, S.A.R.#4. Lion does lunch!(2)
0:16:16 - 4)Heart-submarine & 6 petal flower.(3)
0:22:29 - 5)Dash-hound in brown.(2)
0:26:17 - 6)Heart-flower. It really is easy. Really!(5)
0:32:22 -   Eye-eye, pup-eye!(1)
0:35:19 - 7)Heart-mushroom(6 or 7)
0:36:16 - 8)Gray mousie.(2)
0:42:00 - 9)Add-on, S.A.R.#5. Skull/heart with backbone!(4)
0:46;00 - 10)Ouch! Cactus? Moo-ve it!(3)
0:47:18 -   "CALL THE EXTERMINATOR!!!".
0:50:17 -   WORD!!! Always clean up your act.
0:50:44 - 11)Unicorn/Pegasus.(2)
0:59:07 - 12)Marie Beck's Rollerskate.(3)
1:01:07 -   Credits.
1:01:20 -   The End!!

I am looking to get a Hi-8 or digital camcorder in time for "THE
GATHERING!" in Austin, TX. I definitely want to do some taping!! For those
of you that send in orders over the next three days and help me get that
camera, I'll send out your order post-paid & 10% off. That would be $27 per
tape & no shipping & handling. Your order must be post-marked on or before
02/11/99 to qualify for the 10% discount and free shipping & handling. For
those orders that arrive before I leave for Austin, I will mail your tapes
before orders are filled at "T & Jam 99". Any orders post marked after
02/11/99 will need to send the whole $30 & 10% for S&H for a total of $33.

A friend of mine who, God love Him, has all of my tapes asked me, "What
makes these sculptures any different than the one's everyone else does,
your usual finesse?". Without batting an eye, I said, "YES, that's it!".
Thank you, Lee, for saving my day.

Ask someone the question, "Are you humble?". If they answer it with a no,
is it false humility? Are they covering up? To answer with a yes, certainly
eliminates one from being considered humble.

So, are you humble?

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