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Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 14:56:04 EST
Subject: Re:  Mouse Base Hats

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The book "IWANT ONE OF THOSE" by Huggles was written in 1986.  The balloons
she refers to is the 260E made by Ashland - who went out of business.  The
260E was shorter than the 260Q.

The 260E was just barely long enough to go around the head and arch over the
top.  Huggles answer to the problem was to not try to make an arch over the
headband.  Instead she make a mouse with the extra length.

You can work with her designs in a variety of ways.
1.  Cut off the extra.  You'll get a knot on the mouse's nose.
2.  Arch the extra over and attach it to the other end of the headband if it
works with the rest of the hat.
3.  Make something else that takes more balloon like a mouse with really big
ears or a swan neck and head or just have it stick up with a blip on the end.
It is one of those endless possibilities situations.  Of course your hats will
be different than the ones in the book but I'm sure you will find variations
you will like.

Keep at it,

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In a message dated 1/18/98 12:16:21 AM, you wrote:


I am trying to make a hat base with a mouse in the front.  If you 
make these you'll know what I'm talking about.  I am trying to figure out 
how to make them from the book by Huggles the clown called "I Want One of 

I have a problem with getting the hat to actually fit.  It seems way to 
big when I follow these directions!
If you have any suggestions let me know!>>