Coming events for balloon artists
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 12:54:50 -0600
From: "John, The Balloon Man" <>
Subject: "Gray & Brown Good Buddies", the movie.

Brothers & Sisters in Ballooning.

	I just got the Gray and Brown balloon video, into my very hands,
from the dubber, so it's full steam ahead! For those of other than
Christian beliefs, I have five edited versions of this tape that leaves off
the view of the Jesus on the cross at the end. Since some of you and/or
your clietelle could be offended by the inclusion of this figure, I felt
that it would be prudent to offer an edited version.
	I am including, in this post, the table of contents with
explanations so as to not be misleading. The numbers in (Parentheses) are
how many balloons a sculpture takes. Please note that an entry of (3/1)
will mean that it takes 3 balloons and a scrap, if you are frugal like I
am, or 4 if you aren't. There are 8 creations taught in their entirety, 3
that build on things taught in previuos videos, 3 that can be found on
other balloon artist's videos, one that Lorna Paris gave me permission to
show. It is a beauty! I included the four not taught to spark your
	As you can see, the tape is over 1 & 1/2 hours long. It wasn't
because I needed to justify increasing the price of my tapes to $30.00. The
next tapes will most likely be closer to 1 hour, so please don't think that
I'm setting a new trend. Each tape has been and will be as long as I need
them to be so that I can transfer, from me to you, all that I wish to teach
on that specific tape.

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:01:36 - Bryan Mask's Bunny - gray rabbit(3/1)
0:16:12 - Fiddlesticks! - brown violin(4)
0:24:05 - Video#1 add on - shark hat(4)
0:31:38 - Aw Nutz! - My daughter, Jennifer's brown squirrel(2/1)
0:42:51 - Masked bandit - gray raccoon(2/1)
0:47:15 - Sleigh/reindeer - Just shown. Found on Mike Decker's Christmas video.
	  I feel that it's worth the admission price.
0:51:41 - #W*W&J%D! - Down under demon(7)
1:03:27 - Video#3 add on - Kickin' up dust/hot rod bird.
1:04:06 - To moo or not to moo? - cow skull(2)  [6"heart]
1:06:35 - $21,000.00 balloon - brown desert dog(8/1)
1:17:42 - Video#4 add on - Stinky gets a scent.  [small GEO blossom]
1:20:22 - From One Heart To Another - Lorna Paris's Louisiana State
	  bird/pelican. Just shown  [6"hearts] I really hope to see a book or
	  video with her name on it some time very soon. What say, Lorna?
1:24:21 - Mike Hick's purple dinosaur/not what you think, but you'll like it(7)
	  I know, I know! "It's not gray or brown, so why?" Because Mike's a
	  true balloon artist, like my daughter Jennifer and like Mike Decker
	  and like Royal & Patty and like Lorna Paris. These are people that
	  have impressed me and I felt like saying so.
1:28:39 - Royal Sorell's Rat-a-tat-tatter. Just shown. Found on one of his and
	  Patty's 3 tapes in the "Balloongineering" series. It's the best
	  gun" I've ever seen. In fact, I quit doing mine when I saw his. Well
	  worth the entry fees.
1:29:20 - From My Heart To Yours - J.C. just shown. Thanks Pioneer!
1:30:25 - So what's next? - Short preview of upcoming one balloon video.
1:31:00 - Credits & The End

	I will be out of town for a couple of days, so you'll understand if
I don't answer my mail right away. I am hand carrying an order to T. Myers
Magic in Austin to try and get a glimpse of the place that may well become
known as the "Balloon Twister's Mecca". Although, Sheena's, "T. Myers Magic
Jam" does roll off the tongue rather nicely and onto the toast, too!

See y'all in a few days. Wednesday, in fact.

John M. Holmes

John,The Balloon Man.
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John, the beloved one.
(Daddy loves me best.)