Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 22:22:00 -0500
From: Garry Gardner <>
Subject: Bob Brown's Balloon Bu$king Book

>I just received a catalog from Magic Inc... in it they have a book called
>"Balloon Busking" by Bob Brown and John Morrissy. Are any of you familiar
>with this book, is it any good?

I bought the book a couple years ago. It has lots of good ideas, most of
which I haven't tried - Mainly because I'm too busy with other (ie
non-balloon) stuff.

  The book is 50 pages and has several clear (black-and-white) photos and
  The Introduction (21 pages) gives general tips on clothing, tip
containers, site preparation, crowd appeal, competition and common sense.
  'Picking your Location' is 8 pages on where (and where not) to busk, and
different approaches in different places.
  'Liability Insurance' is 2 pages, including the address of 3 insurers.
  'A Touchy Subject' is 2 pages about precautions on physical contact.
  'Laughs mean more Cash' (2 pages) emphasizes the entertainment aspect of
balloon busking, and is followed by 14 pages of 'Balloon Bits and Banter'.
  If you're a serious busker, you may have already learned a lot of this
stuff the hard way. For me, it was 10 bucks well-spent.

Garry Gardner aka Professor Wonder