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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 13:19:21 EDT
Subject: Laffmakers & T

Hi Guys,
There's a couple of things about LaughMakers I'd like to say.  First, it is
the best family entertainers' magazine out there.  Second, it's staff consists
of 2 people.

All of you have worked with the public and know how demanding they can be.
Because LaughMakers looks like such a professional magazine, people expect it
to have the same kind of customer service as NEWSWEEK.  If someone on
NEWSWEEK's staff gets sick or has to take care of family business, the rest of
the staff can pick up the work and the magazine still goes out.  If one of
LaughMakers staff is called away, it's half the staff.  

If the magazine made a lot of money for them I expect they would hire help.  A
magazine like that is a huge and on going project even for a large staff.  I'd
say they have done an amazing job.

I'm making decisions about the next catalog and dropping LaughMakers is
likely, I haven't talked to Bob about this and this is not the way I wanted to
approach him on the subject.  The object is certainly not to hurt LaughMakers
and I think you overestimate my influence in the entertainment market.
Whether I offer subscriptions or not should not be a big deal to them.

The reason I have carried LaughMakers is that I think they offer valuable
information for lots of my customers.  My kickback on a subscription is
minimal and subscribers hold me responsible for delivery of the magazine.
Having to deal with 'where's my subscription' questions that I can't answer
makes this product more of a problem than a bag of balloons or a balloon pump.

I think Bob and Kathy have done too good of a job and created expectations
that can only be met if everything goes perfect.  

All I can say is that it is a valuable resource for entertainers.  You can
choose to get it or not but if you do, understand that they are doing their
best but the magazine may not arrive on time, be happy when you get the
magazine and keep copies of bills and correspondence so you can help them with
any mixups.  

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<< I suggested that T Myers Magic buy it!!  Speaking of Tom, I called T
> Myers today since I tried Back in March to Subscribe again and haven't
> gotten anything from them.  They said that they have gotten numerous
> complaints on this same subject.  They are no longer going to represent
> the magazine.  I know that this must hurt Laughmakers alot since
> T Myers does alot of entertainment buisness.
> Donna