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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 13:56:44 EDT
Subject: Capt. Visuals New Book

Hi Guys,
The new BIG BOOK OF BALLOONS - Create Almost Anything for every Party and
Holiday - by Captain Visual is in stock.  It's stock #5139.
I just looked through it and it's the same well done format as his first big
book.  And it's got lots of great stuff themed around Holidays and Parties.
He has examples of weaving, the alphabet and numbers, and multi-balloon
1. Balloon Basics
Bubbles, Pinch Twists, Lock Twists,  
2.  January
Basic Headband, Basic hats, Basic helmet
Martin Luther King Day
Dove of Peace
3.  February
Groundhog Day, The Basic Dog, Balloon Cousins, Groundhog/Teddy, Cat, Squirrel,
Valentine's Day, Hearts, Romantic Hats, Heart Wand
4.  March
Saint Patrick's Day
Shamrocks, Spring, Flowers and Hats
5.  April
Easter Bunnies, Bunny-Eared Hat, Easter Basket
6.  May
Mother's Day
Six-Petal Flower, Flower Hats, Heart Corsage
7.  June
Father's Day
Golf Club and Ball, Rod, Reel, and Dad's Catch of the Day
8.  July
Independence Day
Patriotic Braid, Yankee Doodle Hat, Balloon Burst
9.  August
Rainbow, Rainbow Hat
10.  September
Back to School
The Balloon Alphabet and Numbers, Sign Base, Sign Hat
Pom-Poms, Fun Football Helmet
11.  October
Basic Jack-o-Lantern, Jack-o-Lantern Hat, Black Cat on a Full Moon, Cat and
Moon Hat, Screechy Bat, Bat on a Stick or Bat Hat, One-Balloon Bat, Bony
skeleton, Cackling Witch
12.  November
The Turkey Hat, Turkey, The Cornucopia
The Bountiful Harvest
Apples, Bananas, Squash/Gourds, Grapes/Berries, Pumpkins/Melons
13.  December
Candles, Simple Menorah, Deluxe Menorah, Dreidel, Star of David, Star Helmet
Rudolph, Reindeer Hat, Santa, Candy Cane, Candy Cane Hat With Bear, Wreath,
Outline Christmas Tree, Cluster Christmas Tree
14.  Year-Round Celebrations
Birthday Hat, Anniversary Hat for Two, Retirement Hair Hat, Bridal or Baby
Shower Umbrella, Stork With a Special Delivery

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