The Balloon Council
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 09:00:55 -0600
From: (John M. Holmes)
Subject: Two New Videos

(Oops! I forgot to mail this yesterday.)

Hello everybody,

There's two new balloon twisting tapes out and would you believe it?
They're not mine! No kidding! After putting out 17 tapes, I'm finally
getting to tell you about someone else's tapes. Oh, for those of you who
are my faithful friends, I no longer have only 15 tapes out. Later on that,

Bruce Walden has two new twister tapes. Jody Braxton of Pensacola, FL did
most of the twisting on them, but Bruce did do a few things for the camera

Walden Productions Vol.#9 - 87 min.
"Figure tying - Part A"
This is probably the best balloon video I've seen for the beginning
ballooner. It covers all of the basic twists. It is professionally done,
well scripted, and chocked full of stuff. I don't have time to give you a
break-down of all the figures because Bruce is teaching again today and I
won't miss it! If you are a raw recruit or are someone who has never
twisted before or have need of the perfect gift for someone who is either,
this is the tape!

Walden Productions Vol.#10 - 82 min.
"Figure tying - Part B"
This tape builds upon the skills learned in the previous tape, "Figure
Tying - Part A". Thanks were given and credit acknowledged for names too
numerous to list. Alot of this stuff will seem familiar to many, but Jody
has added to some and does others in a totally different style. They are
done in such a way as to make them his own. They are new figures because of
it. Because it builds on the first tape so well, they should be gotten as a
set, if for/by the beginner.

The price per video is $39.95 and I think that you will be able to get them
from me. I'm working on it and I'll let you know.

See! I told you that they weren't my tapes. I'll tell y'all about my two
new tapes some other time. I've got a class to get to and I'm gonna be late
if I don't get out of here!


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