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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 17:41:03 EST
Subject: Larry's CD Attack of the 50 foot Demon (Review and Recommendation)

Hi List,

I have had the pleasure and advantage of obtaining Larry's newest CD ROM,
Attack of the 50 foot Demon.  It is really wonderful and done very

I had first seen what was going to be on it by going to the Balloon Weaving
section of BHQ.  I wanted very much to expand my balloon knowledge to include
weaving or as Larry calls it the creation of Balloon Fabrics.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to download the video clips from Balloon
Headquarters.  Unfortunately, because of my connection this proved difficult,
but it did give me enough of a taste of what would be on Larry's CD to let him
know... I WANT IT!  And indeed I did, and am so glad!

The other reviews that have been done on Larry's CD are excellent and I
completely agree with them.  Kevin Kinney's review gives you a great idea of
the technical things you would need to know of how the CD navigates and amount
of video in it. One of the greatest things I found in how Larry produced his
video segments, which I have never seen anyone else do, is to edit out all the
squeaking.  You are looking only at Larry's hands and the balloons as he is
demonstrating his plaiting (fabricking) techniques, with his voice over done
to explain what he is doing.  This makes it VERY easy to really focus and
learn, as well as pleasant.  The editing that was done to go from one point to
the next in this is also EXCELLENT.  These really are the nicest done balloon
video clips I have ever seen.

In Kevin's review he had put under "What, you want to hear something
negative?" that "Larry's giving you the basics (which are not basic at all),
and leaving the specific execution up to you.  What you do with all of these
techniques is limited only by what you can think up, but the creativity
portion is yours. "  To me this is a sign of an excellent teacher...   one
that gives you the basics and allows you to run with it to learn even more
from yourself.  A parent that always carries the child will never have a child
that will walk and then eventually run...  a parent that loves their child
will allow them the frustration and bumps of learning to walk so they can
experience the joy of accomplishing it and then running like the dickens.  (to
of course drive them nuts.. but hey it goes with the territory! )

The great thing about being able to access all or most of the information that
Larry has on his CD online, is that you can get a preview of what you will
get...  having the CD means you don't have to wait for downloads and that you
can access this information even if you cant get online!  Yeah!  AND, to top
it off, the video quality on the CD far exceeds the video quality on the 'net.
If a larger, clearer picture appeared online, you'd spend your life
downloading it!  That alone is a huge benefit in owning your own copy.  The
price of Larry's CD is extremely reasonable, simply by virtue of being able to
access everything without needing to take the time to download it, and then
when you add the fact that the information on it gives you limitless things
you can do with what he shows you... well, he is practically giving it away!
As an aside, the fact that it uses the web browser you already use with your
computer means that you don't have to learn how to use any new software to
immediately take advantage of this CD.

I was so inspired by Larry's CD that immediately after watching the first
video clip I picked up my balloons and made a very cool crystal (out of clear
and gold balloons) vase that stood about a foot and a half tall and filled it
with a dozen red balloon roses, long stem of course, made with 160's.  It came
out so wonderful.  I brought it to a friend whose Mom had just had knee
surgery and wound up with 3 orders for them from people that saw it being
brought in!  You will truly be inspired by his CD and the availability of
being able to access everything so quickly and easily.

I definitely say it is a must have for the serious balloon professional.

Yours in Smiles and Laughter,

Terrie "Gitsy" Basko
"Specializing in Fun!"
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