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From: MOEKOTT@aol.com
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 01:57:01 EDT
Subject: Re: balloons in the classroom
To: balloon@fooledya.com

Mr. Twister,

I've had teachers tell me they used twisted figures as awards for perfect 
scores in spelling and like that.  A simple balloon figure can be a powerful 

The following is the promo on a book I'm advertising in the next mailing.  
It's not balloons but it might be useful for a teacher.

Good Luck,
Tom Myers
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	This is magic from a science teacherís point of view.  The tricks are 
pretty simple and basic for a magician but chosen to teach a science lesson.  
There is some fun usable stuff here.
	Includes:  Physics: Weird Hanging Cane, Sound Master, Invisible 
Mouse, Hindu Rice Trick, Self-Inflating Balloon #1, Bending a Nail, 
Dissolving Coin, Blank Card Prediction, Headless, Math: Vanishing Line, The 
Trick That Fooled Einstein, Instant Addition, Book Prediction, Circus 
Multi-Purpose Belts, Chemistry: Self-Inflating Balloon #2, Scary Thoughts, 
The Bones of the Rubber Chicken, Physiology, Telltale Hand, Headquarter, 
Thought Transference.						Half size, 
Glossy cover, Perfect bound, 111 Pages

In a message dated 4/27/99 9:12:02 PM, mrock613@hotmail.com writes:

>Hello fellow twisters,
>Does anyone know of any books or booklets that specifically would aid 
>a teacher with ideas, bits, skits, routines, tricks, etc. for 
>utilizing balloons in the classroom? Specifically to help maintain 
>interest and control in class for kids in the early elementary ages. 
>AtDhVaAnNkCsE - Mr. Twister