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Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 10:16:57 -0500
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Subject: Re: Video Review: Creatures from the Bottom of my Mind

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     I too have Creatures from the Bottom of my Mind and It helped make 
     this halloween one to remember.   Uncle Curt's creativity is inspiring 
     although the shirt that Uncle Curt wore was so quite loud and did make 
     distinguishing a balloon from it's background more difficult than some 
     of the other higher production videos I've enjoyed (Airnimations 1 & 2 
     for example). The closeups did require a bit of effort to gain from 
     but were definitely worth the effort.  
His balloon EYEBALL was delightful.   True balloon artistry at it's best.   And 
The Spider Hat was a big halloween HIT!!!!  And of course who could possibly 
forget the INCREDIBLE FLYING VAMPIRE MOUSE OF DOOM.  I learned a bunch from the 

Thanks Uncle Curt...

Balloonally yours,

JJ (Now...where can I get those incredible Sorrells Balloon videos) the DJ.
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Subject: Video Review: Creatures from the Bottom of my MindMind
Author:  Larry Moss <> at Internet
Date:    11/5/98 6:18 PM

I recently received a review copy of Uncle Curt's (Curtis Robins) new video 
"Creatures from the Bottom of My Mind".  The title immediately brought to 
mind an image that could have been from the Far Side comic strip of walking 
balloon creatures in various shapes and sizes.  It certainly got my 
attention.  As it happens, it has nothing to do with living balloon animals 
taking over the world.  But, when I got over that disappointment, I did 
still find the tape worth watching for its intended, although less 
intriguing, educational value.
The highlights of the tape include an owl, in two different forms, and a 
seven balloon praying mantis that's large enough and interesting enough to 
have fit in my balloon animal domination of the world scenario described 
above.  (Well, maybe not that interesting, but I wanted to make sure you 
were still reading.)  The rest of the tape contains some ideas that would 
be most useful to someone that doesn't already do anything in the Halloween 
kind of spirit that needs a collection of examples in one place.  Other 
than the praying mantis and the owl, none of these are going to win you 
awards, but they are workable, large and attention-grabbing, and mostly 
quick to construct.
The video quality was acceptable to watch, but there were some 
disappointing things that unfortunately need to be mentioned.  The shirt 
that Uncle Curt wore was so loud that distinguishing a balloon from it's 
background was often difficult.  In addition, the closeups were rarely 
close enough to gain anything useful from the camera.  None of this means 
that you can't learn from the video.  You can, and I did.  It just might 
require a bit of effort on your part.  This is not a video that you'll sit 
back and watch for enjoyment on a lazy afternoon.
In short, I say get it if you want to see a wonderful owl, or if you don't 
already do a variety of Halloween-type creations.  It's a good starting 
point for that kind of work.
Creatures from the Bottom of my Mind 
Format: VHS
Runnin time: 1 hour
Published by:
  3532 Jefferson Landing Road
  Powhatan, VA  23139
List Price: $30
a skull made from a 9" round balloon
three monkey skulls, made from bits of 260's 
a skeleton, five feet tall
a spider hat, (can be an ant with one less pair of legs) also a bug hat 
from our book is shown.
a spider using a 9" round balloon and four 260's 
Frankenstien's monster and bride
a flying ghost (on a stick, nice sized too)
a cute little jumping ghost (ALA the incredible flying vampire mouse of 
an eyeball
a one balloon owl
a multi balloon owl (this one will win trophies!) 
a mute-ant (Mutant) hat
a seven balloon preying mantis  This one took a first place trophy already.