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Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 07:26:51 -0700
From: Heart Throb The Clown/Linda Berman <>
Subject: New 160 Book Available

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that my new book for multi-balloon 160
creations, "Marvelous Miniatures, Multi-Balloon Sculptures using 160s
for Intermediate+ Twisters" is now available.

I wrote the book at the urging of fellow Clown Campers who thought my
miniature creations were special.

The book is for intermediate twisters who understand basic twists,
proportion, and connecting multiple balloons. Each design is represented
by a detailed drawing of the finished sculpture and step by step
directions. Many of you will be able to create the sculptures from the

The designs include miniature versions of some 260 designs and original
miniature creations.

The designs receive rave reviews, huge smiles, and applause from
children, adults and seniors. At many venues, I can't make these designs
fast enough and regularly hear, "Wow, I've never seen wonderful balloons
like these."

Designs include: Iris, Sunflower, Strypes the Tiger, Wanda Whale,
Penelope Penguin, Carrie Canary, Friendly Monster, Dracula, Larry
Lizard, Silly Dragon, Sea Princess and Tina the Ballerina.

The book is $12 (plus 99 cents tax for Californians) plus $2 shipping
and handling. You can order directly from me if you can't wait but I
will soon post a list of suppliers who will be stocking the book.

I hope you enjoy making miniature creations - they are a huge hit at
restaurants and they don't take up so much space on the table.

The sea princess and ballerina are VERY popular. With a bit of
imagination, the ballerina can be an ice skater.

Linda Berman
1146 N. Central Ave. #325
Glendale, CA 91202