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Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 22:23:48 -0700
Subject: church style balloons
From: (Mike Bennett)

John, (and the esteemed list)

Ralph Dewey has some nice routines you could use (if you have quick
access to his Gospel Balloon books.)  Here are a couple of ideas you
might use...

A cut and restored balloon using a dark colored 9" round.  The
application is pretty obvious (e-mail me on the side if you want some fun
specifics), and the working is easy.  Clip the first balloon where the
nozzle begins to widen into the balloon.  Fold the top of the second
balloon so it looks like it's been clipped about half way.  Then tuck the
whole deal into the first balloon.  If you hold it right, they will never
see the seam.  Now you cut the out balloon, making sure the piece falls
to the floor.  Then after a little patter, inflate the "cut" balloon,
allowing the shell of the balloon to roll into your hand.  Palm it away
and you're done.

The Super Needled Balloon is fun if you place a dark colored water
balloon inside a large (9-12" clear round) balloon.  You make the point
when you insert the needle, and it pops the inner balloon, leaving the
outer balloon whole.  Again, the application is pretty straightforward.  

You could also tell some parables with balloon animals.  It's a lot like
using Aesop's fables while bending animals.  As you make an animal, talk
about some problem it had that will bring it into the topic you want to
teach on.  That way, they get to see the world famous balloon guy teach,
do magic, and do balloons.

Once again, I'd be happy to help you with any specifics.  Ralph Dewey has
a few good books about balloons based on the Good Book.