Where Not to Work

Mar 8, 2023

From: “Myke Hutchings”
To: balloon@fooledya.com
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 20:00:03 -0500
Subject: Re: Where Not to Work

Good day all,

One thing you should be careful of when you are in another city is to
watch their rules for performing. Reading Larry’s latest post, he
said he tried to do some balloons in NYC outside the Ed Sullivan
theatre while waiting for Letterman. He was told by an overzealous
page to stop. Larry, you were lucky. NYC has the worst policies for
street performing. A friend of mine (a musician) has been arrested
on several occaisions for performing without a permit in NYC. The
catch is, this permit does not exist. NYC does not allow street
performances (although their Transit Commission does allow some
“licensed” performers in the subway stations – a different game

My experience when busking is that you should always ask the city’s
office first before attempting to perform (regardless if you do it
for free or not). Being issued a fine for not knowing the rules is
the quickest way to eat up your day’s earnings. I don’t want to
scare anyone off from street performance, I have had great success as
a musician and a balloonist in my home towns (Toronto and Ottawa) but
it is key to know the rules if you are visiting a city and plan to
make some money while there.

Myke Hutchings
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