So, you wanna be an Airigamist?

Mar 11, 2023

Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 19:24:47 -0800
Subject: So, you wanna be an Airigamist? (long)

So, you want to be an Airigamist? Where do you start? It is not like you
can go to your local College and take balloon twisting 101 and most book
stores only stock Aaron Hsu-flanders books on rare occasions Capt. V's
book, so what is a wanna be Airigamist to do?

The simple answer is, the balloon guide found at Yes, this
guide is a gold mine of information for both the beginner and the old pro
(you will be amazed at what you have missed or just plain forgotten).

Ahh, but I hear those voices in my head now (Damm those aliens and their
missing time), "But hey Sir T, I need to learn to twist, where do I
start, book, or video and which ones?? After all there are so many out
there and this is not a try before you buy situation."

Ok here is my humble view, take it for what is worth:

If you are just starting out get a really good book. I do not recommend a
video for just starting out. You will get more for you money out of a
book. Now here is where people will tend to disagree the most, "Which

The two standards you will hear are Marvin Hardys book or Captain V's
books. I have both of them and I prefer Captain V's stuff, but that is
just me. Marvin's book's has good stuff in his as well, so if I could not
get Captain V's stuff then I would get Marvin' S. Captain V's also has a
major advantage over Marvin's book because, it can lay flat open, so you
can look at while you twist. Marvin's does not (at least, my doesn't), so
take that into account when getting a book.

Captain V's stuff will get you up to an intermediate level twister in no
time, add some of Marvin's stuff and you will be getting those table
hoping jobs in no time.

Now, you have Capt V's stuff (or some other stuff) where do you go from
there? Back to the guide, you should be reading and rereading the
GUIDE!!! I know, I hear those voices again, "What videos are good?"

I have my share of videos, some are good and some are not so good. Of all
my videos the ones, I came back to time and time again is the  Sorell's
videos. I use their stuff all the time. You can use their stuff in a line
or at birthday parties. There hats are great!! I use the baseball hat at
peewee games, softball games (great for pick up work), the witches hat,
firemen hat, you will use  a lot!! The five balloon bunny will get you
the ladies every time (I like to call it my rent bunny, as it pays the The Dragon costume will come in use many time, but keep it
ready for Chinese New Year!!!! The list can go on, but you see my point I
like their stuff. Great for lines and other situations.

But you say, I need some really good advanced stuff, I need to make a
name for myself. Then I suggest ANY thing by John homles. I have 3 of
johns tapes and  they are top of the line!! The police copter get the
boys all excited! His stuff is good and useable. Some of his stuff like,
The people's choice awards is not recommended for a line, but at a party,
you will be considered a demigod if you make some of the stuff on that

While I am on the subject of tapes, I will put a plug in for Mr. Rainbow,
I have his basement tape 3 and it is Great stuff, there are 6 creations
on this tape, I use five of them now bring home the bacon!! Good tape!
Not something I would use for a line, but then I am not that fast, so
that is up to the person.

Ok, so you can below up a 260q, you can twist 50 or so things and you
have a part time gig at a few eating establishment around town because
you READ the Guide! Now you have people asking the age old question; "Do
you do parties?"

Parties are a whole new ball game! It is much different than speed
twisting a few balloons going from table to table, you actually have to
have an act! Yes, you can do rather well, with no act, but repeat
business will be few and far between. Where do you start you ask? Simple
answer: The Guide.

After you have read the Guide, you may want to look into the following

KidBiz by David Ginn This book is geared toward magic, but has tons of
useful information. I carry this book with me to appointments because, I
am always found good stuff in it!! David is a great guy to deal with,
honest to a fault,

The Birthday Party Business: how to make a living as a children's
Entertainer. This is a solid book, start to finish, Get this book!

Kiddie Patter and Little feats by Samuel Smith. If you are looking for
solid information about dealing with preschoolers and you want to add
magic to you routine this is the book to own!!!!! 200 pages of good
stuff!! complete with routines! ( I got mine from but Daivd
Ginn has it as well)

So, you can twist some  50 balloons you have an act you have worked on
for hours upon hours, you have read the guide so many times you know it
by heart now what?

There is one last book you MUSTadd to your book shelf:


With Bruce's book you get more work then you can handle. I really can't
say enough good things about this book!! Buy, read it, Learn it, copy it,
make a ton of cash from it!!~ =)

I know that those that will disagree with me and there are many books out
there I have not read yet, but I honestly feel if you had the above books
and videos, you would have a SOLID foundation to start your career off !!

Just my to cents worth

Sir T

For the record,  all books and videos I have were bought. I do not know
any of the authors, nor am I paid by them to endorse their products.
These are books and videos that I STRONGLY believe will help you become a
better twister. I really can't say enough good things about the above
mentioned books and video's, so if you are looking for a place to start
that is how, I went about it!

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