FLOAT Convention Sets Its Sights on Reno 2026

May 13, 2024

Are you ready for the biggest balloon event of the year? The FLOAT Convention is setting the stage for its most impressive gathering yet, scheduled for January 2026 in Reno, Nevada. Following a highly successful gathering in 2024, where over 900 professionals came together to share, learn, and innovate just outside Chicago, the FLOAT team is now turning their focus towards making the Reno event a standout occasion in balloon artistry.

New Beginnings in Reno

The choice of Reno as the new venue represents a significant leap forward for FLOAT, reflecting both the growth of the convention and the dynamic nature of the balloon industry. This relocation is poised to infuse the convention with fresh energy and greater possibilities, promising an environment that not only fosters learning and creativity but also encourages bolder and more ambitious projects.

What to Expect at FLOAT 2026

Expanded Workshops and Sessions: Building on the success of previous conventions, FLOAT 2026 will offer an even wider range of workshops and educational sessions designed to cater to both seasoned professionals and rising stars in the balloon industry.

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Innovative Networking Opportunities: Recognizing the importance of connections in fostering business opportunities and collaborative projects, FLOAT 2026 will introduce new formats and spaces designed to maximize interaction among participants.

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Enhanced Competitions: The competitions at FLOAT are always a highlight, providing a platform for showcasing the highest levels of creativity and skill. For 2026, attendees can expect even more competitive events with broader categories that reflect current trends and techniques in balloon design.

Support for Industry Growth: FLOAT remains committed to supporting the balloon industry, not only through the convention itself but also via ongoing partnerships with sponsors and vendors. These relationships underscore the importance of collaboration in driving innovation and success across the sector.

Continuous Learning and Accessibility

Despite the forward-looking changes, some traditions remain firmly in place. FLOAT will continue to make key sessions available through digital recordings, ensuring that the knowledge shared at the convention reaches as wide an audience as possible. This commitment to accessibility reflects FLOAT’s dedication to educational outreach and industry support.

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Preparing for Reno 2026

Participants are encouraged to mark their calendars early and begin preparing for an event that promises to be bigger, bolder, and more engaging than ever. Registration details, travel information, and a full schedule will be available well in advance to help attendees plan their involvement in what is set to be a pivotal event in the balloon industry calendar.

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Coming Together Again

As the FLOAT Convention heads west to Reno, the anticipation and possibilities for 2026 are evident. This is not just any industry event; it is a rallying point for balloon professionals striving to enhance their craft and make a positive impact on the industry. Get ready because Reno 2026 will mark a significant milestone for those dedicated to the art and business of balloon work.

For more information, keep an eye on the FLOAT website or contact the FLOAT team at https://floatconvention.com. The journey to FLOAT 2026 starts now, and it promises to be a spectacular adventure in creativity and community building within the balloon industry.