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What’s it all about?

On Wednesday, October 1, 2008, balloon artists around the world will be taking part in an event designed to highlight the act of giving, to deliver thousands of smiles, and to showcase the art of balloon twisting and decorating.

It’s the 9th Annual Balloons Around the World, and you can take part!

When is this year’s event?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008. Most people are able to participate on that day, but people are welcome to fit it into their schedule anytime during that week, before or beyond.

Why should I do it?

When someone receives a spontaneous gift, it brightens their day. When their day is brighter, they spread it on to others. Children love balloon art, and so do adults, although some won’t admit it! What better way to showcase the magic of balloon sculpture and make the world a better place, both at the same time!

How do I get involved?

If you’re a balloon artist, please go to the Sign Up! Page, fill out the appropriate blanks, and you’re in! There’s no registration fee, and all participating artists will get a free “Official Artist” button. All you need do is to contact a good cause in your community, arrange a time and place, register, be there and have fun! We ask folks to register so we can make sure everyone is acknowledged on the website and to make sure everyone gets their free buttons.

Why Wednesday, October 1st?

No particular reason, but it’s a great way to start National Pizza Month. It’s also during a time of year when participating balloon artists have time in their schedule, kids are in school, and before the rush of the holiday season. And by now, it’s tradition! After all, we’re on our ninth year!

Is there any money involved?

During the past 8 years, people participated for free and/or for donations. Either way works. Of course, the donations went to a local good cause in the artist.s community. Other than that, there is no money involved. The magic of the Internet makes this all possible. It’s an all-volunteer project! We should give a tip of the hat to John Barthelmes, Larry Moss and all the great people at Balloon HQ for their amazing help! (If you have ANY questions about balloons, they can be answered there!)

Once I sign up, how can I pass the word?

There’s a Press Release available you can copy and adapt. We also suggest you have the organization you’re working for make a press release too. We were also able to have several governors proclaim the day as a special day in their state and will try to do that again. You might try contacting your own local public officials since they like it better if it comes from one of their own constituents.

We managed to make a few front pages and TV newscasts in the past years, and we’ll do what we can to give it a good national and international spin for the 2008 event too. After the fun, you can even post photos for others to see!

What if I’m not a balloon artist?

Check out the links at the bottom of the page!


Jeff Brown
Balloons Around the World Organizer

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