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San Jose
In and Around Santa Clara County
Random acts of balloon kindness. Spreading balloon joy to local service people (teachers, crossing guards, librarians, fire fighters etc.)

Participating artists: Jeanine

Ukraine mission trip
I hope to once again use my balloon skills on my next mission trip to Ukraine. I’ll have other team members train to assist me in making balloons for children at one of the 8 orphanages we work with.

Participating artists: Robbie Pack (aka WAUBBIE the CLOWN) and other team members

Robbie (Roberta) Pack
I will be doing something in the month of October, but I don’t have any plans for the moment. If you have a suggestion and/or want to participate, please contact me.

Participating artists: Gene Tamashiro

Gene Tamashiro
Valhaven Nursing Home in Valley NE
I will be clowning at Valhaven nursing home in Valley NE which is NW of Omaha NE. I will be joined by 4 other clowns to celebrate Grandparents Day. We will be visiting a special Grandparent there too! “Spinner” the clown who is a resident there. “Spinner” is a very special clown to us. He showed so much love each time he made a tulip flower. He loved to visit nursing homes himself when he was clowning. We love him dearly & miss him with us.

Participating artists: Linda Hartin, Marilyn Hollinger, Nellie Clark, & 2 more I forget who signed up.

Linda Hartin
Planning balloon extravaganza to benefit Cuidandos Los Ninos. Details to follow.

Participating artists: Dianne Rossbach

Dianne L Rossbach
Long Island, NY
I will be spreading the Joy of Latex Balloons with people that need some SMILES added to their daily life!
I went to visit a Senior Citizen I know that is in a Nursing Home. I gave a 1 hour show in her honor for BAW! This was at the Belaire Nursing Care Center in Belmore, NY.
I did some Magic, Puppetry, Comedy and Balloon Artistry, they all had a Great time. This was my 9th year I think I have done them all, but 1 since I have only been Twisting for 8 1/2 years! Jeff Thanks for putting this ALL together!!!!!!Participating artists: Sheree Brown-Rosner, Herschel Rosner
Sheree Brown-Rosner aka The Great Wandini
Barnes & Noble, Greece Ridge Mall
We’ll be doing a large project in the store to show off balloon art for the community and to promote the upcoming Balloon Manor (also a community event). Any artist interested in taking part is welcome. We strongly request that if you intend to come, you let us know so we scale the project appropriately for the number of participants.

Participating artists:

Larry Moss

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