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Balloons Around the World 2008
Press Release

On Wednesday, October 1, 2008, hundreds of balloon sculptors will be arranging thousands of balloons into dogs, hats, and a variety of colorful sculptures as part of the 9th Annual Balloons Around the World.

Each artist will be donating an hour of their time for a good cause in their community. The sculptures are free of charge or exchanged for a donation to the charity. It’s an event that allows people to both showcase a fun art as well as to give back to their communities.

Besides the well-known puppy dog, the world of balloon art has matured to include multi-balloon sculptures that defy the imagination.

In ____(fill in your community here)_____, ____(your name here)______ will be sharing their skills at the ____(location)____. (You may want to provide a short quote here.)

“The event has really taken off on its own,” said organizer Jeff Brown of Juneau, Alaska. “It’s a way of changing the world – a little bit at a time.”

Close to 600 balloon artists participated during the 2007 event – in schools, libraries, and hospitals. They also twisted and decorated in malls, on the street, and even in grocery stores… all for fun, all for free.

Balloons were inflated in close to all of the 50 states, as well as in Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Thailand and China!

Again this year, the folks from Balloon HQ have joined the fun officially by hosting the website! For the uninitiated, Balloon HQ is THE Number One site on the Internet for information and coordination of close to all things involving balloons. It’s safe to say that Balloons Around the World would not exist without the support of John Barthelmes, Larry Moss and all the friends at Balloon HQ.

For more information, visit the official website:

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