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Cool balloon picture 57371

Title: Monkey with Maracas
Creator: Steve Yarosko

Description: I made This Monkey for a Verizon Business Meeting at the request of the Branch Manager. They asked for some Chili peppers, which I made, but I wanted to do a bit more. I made this Monkey, and a Chihauhau which I mounted on a Geo. I wrote, “Yo Quiero Verizon” on the Geo. I didn’t want to post the picture of the Chihauhau as the design is not mine, and I have not seen pictures of it online before. Obviously, the Monkey is not mine, but I don’t think Don Caldwell will mind if I post this picture as I have seen dozens of Caldwell Monkeys on this site.

Photo ID: 57371

Photographer: Steve Yarosko

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This picture is in the following categories:
Multi non round Balloon
Mammals (non-human)